Law and Order

The following measures have been taken by the provincial government regarding law and order:

  • Thirty eight Acts have been passed by the Punjab Assembly regarding law and order in the province.
  • The salaries of police personnel have been doubled to provide better security and curb corruption.
  • The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) was established in 2009 to combat terrorism.
  • Quick Response Force has been created with the assistance of the Pakistan Army to counter terrorism.
  • Riverine Force has been created to combat crimes in slum dwellings (Kaccha areas) and to make travelling more secure on the Indus Highway. 49 Riverine Posts have been established for this purpose.
  • 4,329 criminal gangs and 145,748 proclaimed offenders have been prosecuted in Punjab and 76,310 fugitives have been  arrested. Moreover, 46 police officers embraced martyrdom in the war against terror.
  • Helpline ‘1915’ has been launched for traffic related issues.