Assembly members call on the Chief Minister

Friday, January 24, 2014
Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that resovling of energy crisis is the top priority of the government as it is essential for economic development and strengthening of economy. He said that Punjab government is implementing a comprehensive strategy for dealing with the problem of shortage of energy and striving for generation of electricity from traditional as well as alternative sources. He said that provincial government has announced a big project of generation of energy from coal and six sites have been selected for setting up coal-based power projects. He said that Punjab government will establish two coal power plants of 660 megawatts from its own resources.
He was talking to Assembly Members of different districts who called on him here today. They included Member National Assembly Ch. Nazir Ahamd and Members Provincial Assembly Abdul Manan Khan, Ch. Zahid Akram and Shaikh Allauddain. Talking to parliamentarians, the Chief Minister said that government is determined to resolve energy crisis. He said that electricity produced from coal will reduce the cost of production of energy and generation of electricity from coal will be possible within three to five years. He said that federal government has also started work on Coal Power Park in Gaddani. He said that supply of electricity and gas is of vital importance for economy as energy is essential for agriculture and industrial sector and creation of job opportunities. He said that due to wrong policies and strategies of the last several decades, low cost electricity has not been produced in Pakistan. Moreover, he said, no serious effort has been made for generation of hydle power. He said that there are vast reserves of coal in Thar while 500 million tons coal is also available in Punjab. He said that sites selected by Punjab government for coal-based power projects are of vital importance as they are located near the centers of higher consumption of electricity and besides the electricity produced here can immediately be added to the national grid. He said that these locations are near railway tracks and roads and above all water is easily available. He said that the purpose of this coal-based power generation is also to encourage and guide private sector and to include its participation in the government efforts for overcoming energy shortage. He said that modern coal power plants based on new technology has minimized the problems like environmental pollution and such modern plants which are called super critical plants will be set up in Punjab. He said that this project from coal will prove to be a milestone in overcoming energy crisis. Shahbaz Sharif said that this project of power generation will help in supply of electricity to ordinary consumers and industrial and agriculture sector as well as generation of low cost power which will reduce the electricity tariff. Moreover, he said, this project which would require transportation of coal of millions of tons would be helpful in revival of railways. He said that the project will usher in an era of progress and prosperity as vast job opportunities would also be created leaving a positive impact on every sector of economy. Shahbaz Sharif expressed determination that government would rid the country of energy crisis. He stressed upon the elected representatives to keep close contact with the people and spare no effort for resolving their problems.