CM Punjab Muhamad Shehbaz Sharif Inaugurates and Laid Foundation Stones Of Different Projects Amounting To Billions of Rupees during Burewala Visit.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, today, visited Burewala tehsil of District Vihari and inaugurated different projects completed with a cost of billions of rupees. He also laid the foundation stones of a number of development projects. During the visit, the Chief Minister inaugurated the new emergency block and upgradation work of 300-beds DHQ Hospital Vehari which have been completed with a cost of Rs. 62.50 crore. He inaugurated E-Library at Sports Stadium Vehari completed with an amount of Rs. 9.20 crore and Government Special Education Centre Azeemabad Burewala which has been completed with an amount of Rs. 8.30 crore. He inaugurated Rescue 1122 office in Burewala completing with an amount of Rs. 7.20 crore and Arazi Record Centre completed with an amount of Rs. 5.60 crore. The Chief Minister inaugurated provision of mobile health unit in Vehari which has been completed with a cost of five crore rupees. He also laid the foundation stone of project of water supply and rehabilitation and expansion of sewerage schemes for Mailsi and adjoining areas. This project will be completed with an amount of 28 crore rupees. The foundation stone of new Government Girls High School Sharqi Colony was also laid by him in Vehari. This project will be completed with a cost of ten crore and ten lakh rupees. The Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of Shehbaz Sharif Ring Road in Burewala as well. An amount of Rs. 32.20 crore will be spent on it. Meanwhile, he laid the foundation stone of the project of comprehensive water supply and sewerage scheme in Vehari which will be completed with an amount of Rs. 30.90 crore. After this, he addressed a mammoth public gathering at Burewala and said that PML-N government has completed different projects amounting to more than 30 billion rupees during the last nine and a half years. Farm-to-market roads have been constructed with an amount of Rs. 3.5 billion in Vehari to interconnect different villages and towns. The 300-beds DHQ hospital has been upgraded while new hospitals are being constructed in Burewala and Mailsi. Latest CT scan machine has been provided to the Vehari Hospital along with provision of a mobile hospital. The Chief Minister announced to give the status of a Tehsil to Gaggu Shehar and said that the matter would be processed according to the rules and regulations of Election Commission. He announced construction of a new bridge at Satluj River along with giving the status of a full-fledged university to the campus of Agriculture University in Vehari. He also announced to setup a medical college in Vehari. He announced the project of construction of 120-KM dual carriageway from Adda Rasoolpur to Maetla Chowk and construction of road from Hasilpur to Ludden. He announced that the building for different departments of Bahauddin Zakariya University will be constructed. Former candidate for MNA seat and Punjab’s Vice President of the PTI Riasat Ali Bhatti expressed his full confidence over the leadership of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and announced to join the PML-N during the meeting.

The Chief Minister announced development projects worth billions of rupees for Burewala, Mailsi and Vehari and said that if the PML-N got victory in 2018 elections, then work will be started on these projects immediately for their timely completion. He said that it is a historic public meeting in the history of Burewala as thousands of people are outside and they have been deprived of the opportunity to come inside. This big gathering of the people is witness to the fact that the political jugglers, Zardaris and the king of lies will be defeated badly in the next elections. He said that PML-N government and Muhammad Nawaz Sharif promised to the nation four and half years earlier that load shedding will be overpowered in five years and due to our continued efforts, the load shedding is over now. The federal and the Punjab governments have jointly established electricity projects of thousands of megawatts capacity and completed the energy projects under the CPEC as well. During the next summer season, the rooms will be cold as fans will be blowing. Similarly, trade and economic activities will be in full swing and agriculture sector will also be having good productivity. The offices will be illuminated and the load shedding would be done away with for once and for all. The liar Khan Sahib, who is the king of lies, said during the elections of 2013 that they would produce electricity in KPK and this would also be given to Pakistan. After four and a half years, they say that they have produced 74 megawatt electricity. Khan Sahib, please tell the people that where is your generated electricity. Is it in the skies, beneath the earth or its hiding in the mountains? I advise the Niazi Sahib to stop speaking lies and take mercy on this nation and go back home because politics is beyond your capacity and potential. This sham Khan Sahib also said that they would not go for metro bus project and the money would be spent on developing institutions like schools, colleges and hospitals. When dengue attacked Peshawar, they had no treatment arrangements and this person escaped to the mountains to avoid the dengue attack. When dengue attacked Lahore in 2011, then we fully countered and eliminated it. Today, we have competence to deal with it as well as the treatment abilities. When dengue attacked Peshawar, we sent medical team, mobile hospitals and medicines from Punjab while Khan Sahib was found nowhere around as he went to Nathia Gali. After four and a half years, metro bus project has been started in Peshawar now and the whole city is in shambles due to it. If Allah Almighty accorded us an opportunity, then we will complete this project. On the other side, there is Zardari Sahib who claims to return back the looted money. I advise him to return back the looted money of the poor people which he has laundered. Otherwise, if we get an opportunity to serve the people after 2018 elections, then this looted money will be brought back for public welfare. They have ruined the city of Karachi as there is garbage everywhere and broken roads are adding to public miseries. Both Khan Sahib and Zardari Sahib could not do anything for their people in their respective provinces and therefore, they are unable to face the people. That is why they come to Lahore and Punjab to intimidate us about strikes. Khan Sahib staged his first sit-in in Islamabad in 2014 when Chinese President was scheduled to visit Pakistan for signing agreements in September 2014, but due to stubbornness of Khan Sahib, this visit was postponed. This kind of attitude of Khan Sahib tantamount to enmity with the nation as the projects which were scheduled to be signed seven months earlier were signed in April 2015 due to sit-in. Had these agreements been finalized seven months earlier, Pakistan would have been much developed today. We have cleared the backlog with our hard work and completed the projects. Both Zardari and Khan Sahib have left no stone unturned to wreck the dreams of the people as they do not want that dreams of Iqbal and Jinnah are fulfilled. Zardari and Niazi Sahib have broken the dreams of the poor people by creating hurdles in development projects and now people will hold their accountability. I asked the people of Pakistan that if we win the 2018 elections, then PML-N will bring other cities at par with Lahore with regard to development. He said that PML-N government tremendously served the people and moved Pakistan on the road to development with its hard work.

The Chief Minister said that Punjab government has brought revolution in health sector. CT scan machines are being installed in all the DHQ hospitals to provide round the clock facility. It is my promise to the people of Vehari that Agriculture University will be developed as a full-fledged university and medical college will also be setup.

Talking about different governmental steps for the development of the agriculture sector, the Chief Minister said that fertilizers are being provided at half the price jointly by federal and Punjab governments. Meanwhile, Punjab government is providing billions of rupees in subsidy to agricultural tube wells running on electricity. It is for the first time that interest-free loans are being provided to small farmers. On the other side, three lakh deserving students of low- income families are getting free quality education through PEEF. Rs. 15 billion have been given as stipends during the last nine years. Interest-free loans up to 50,000 rupees are being given to the needy youth under Chief Minister’s Self- Employment Scheme and one crore and 15 lakh people are earning their livelihood in an honorable manner by benefiting from this scheme. If Almighty Allah accorded us an opportunity then billions of rupees will be added in this loan scheme. He said that time-period of this government is going to conclude on June 08 adding that he wants to give a good news to the farmers that as per previous practice, Punjab government will procure all the wheat from the intending sellers during the upcoming wheat procurement season. I shall visit wheat procurement centres myself to examine the facilities provided there. He said that Almighty Allah has given tremendous respect to PML-N in Lodhran by-election. Money and helicopter have lost; opponents tried to buy voters through money but Allah Almighty have different designs and he chosen a saint-like figure in shape of Iqbal Shah for success. Tareen Sahib, where has gone the money which you have spent as Allah Almighty have different designs. The politics of public service has won in this constituency. Khanewal-Lodhran dual carriageway will be completed on March 23 with a cost of 27 billion rupees. Nine KM of this road passes through Vehari. PML-N government has completed different projects in the district of Lodhran and speedo bus service is providing transport facilities to the people of Lodhran and Bahawalpur. If Almighty Allah accorded an opportunity, then speedo bus service will also be started in Vehari and Burewala. He asked the people to remain vigilant as PML-N government has worked hard for national development and now the people should remain active so that this hard work is not usurped upon. He said that interest-free loan program for the needy youth will be further expanded after next elections so that no one could remain unemployed. He said that Pakistan will be made an economic power. It is a challenge but will be fulfilled with hard work. I am often asked that why I talk about the poor. It is my reply that I want elimination of this cruel system so that everybody could get justice and employment. He said that all the resources will be utilized for public welfare. Members of the parliament, politicians, provincial ministers and a large number of people attended the public meeting.