3.5 Lakh Patients Will Receive Free Medicines for Diabetes, Respiratory, Heart and Breast Cancer: Mou Signed Between Punjab Government and Navartis Pharma

Saturday, November 11, 2017

MoU was signed between Punjab Government and international pharmaceutical organization Novartis Pharma Pakistan according to which Novartis Pharma will provide free medicines to patients suffering from four diseases. The MOU signing ceremony was held at Model Town today and Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif was its guest of honor. Najam Shah Secretary Medical Education & Special Healthcare from the Punjab government while Shahab Rizvi Country President of Novartis Pharma Pakistan signed this MoU. The contract says that Novartis Pharma  will provide free medicines of 06 billion to the patients of four different diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancer and respiratory. Free medicines will be provided at the cost of 1$ per patient which will be paid by Punjab Government providing the patients with free medicines completely and 3.5 lakh patients will be benefitted from this agreement. Talking to the media after the signing of the agreement, Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif said that the agreement between the international pharmaceutical company and the Government of Punjab will initially assist 3 lakh 50,000 patients for treatment of four different diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancer and respiratory disorder however the scope of the program will be increased further so that more and more patients can be given medicines. He said that this agreement reflects the vision of the Punjab Government under which best medical facilities are being provided for writhed humanity as government has taken considerable measures to improve medical services in hospitals. The government will further increase the program of providing free medicines with Novartis and I hope this program will spread over 12 lakh patients soon, he added. CM said that Mrs. Deborah Gildea, head of the Novartis Asia has praised today the vision of Punjab government and said that splendid work has been done in Punjab's health sector and they will further promote cooperation with the Punjab government. This is surely compliment for the performance of the entire team of Punjab. The Chief Minister said that the Punjab government and Novartis have taken a big step for serving humankind for which he congratulates Punjab Team, Novartis Officials and the patients who will avail it. While answering to a query of media, the Chief Minister said that free medicines of 6 billion rupees are being given unconditionally by Novartis without any political condition or DO More demand attached to it. It has been done for humanity only and we have to spread this spirit and determination. In response to another question, the Chief Minister said that Punjab government always cooperates with other provinces and it will continue its cooperation with them in various fields. He said that Pakistan belongs to us all and these four provinces are its units. The Chief Minister responded to a question that before time election is demand of those people who don’t want the poor people to get free medicines, they are those who do not want Orange Line Metro Train to operate in Lahore. The one who were name calling Metro-bus as Jangla bus have tried to take it to Peshawar but they are well aware of the fact that they are incapable of completing it and making it functional that is why they are trying to hinder Metro Line plans in Lahore too. In reply to another question, CM said that the Punjab Government is looking for the best to provide quality medical facilities to common people. He said that CT scan machines are being installed in all the District Headquarters hospitals in Punjab and installation of these machines will provide 24 hours CT scan facility to the patients and machines will not be damaged. Unfortunately, the billions of rupees in the name of procurement of hospital machinery were looted before but Punjab government has buried this evil trend forever. Now manufacturers are bringing CT scan machines and they will run it themselves. The government will only pay CT scan. He said Japan's leading company, Hitachi, has got tender through a transparent procedure as no work in Punjab is carried out without tenders. He said that CT Scan machines will provide 100% free of charge scan for poor patient. It is new Pakistan and the change that we brought in Punjab as we do not claim but deliver and where there is a mistake, we apologize also we have served the public by virtue of our performance with honesty, trust and hard work, he shared. In response to another question, he said that Punjab government has purchased medicines worth of 6 billion rupees in the current financial year and samples of some medicines were examined by world-renowned laboratories. Of these, 73 sample reports have been received which is 100 percent adequate. Similarly, samples of these medicines were tested in the drug test labs in Lahore and they also got 100 percent result while 33 percent of the medicines which were tested abroad last year went wrong and sub-standard whereas Lahore's Drug Testing Lab had marked them 99% at that time. With the grace of Allah Almighty and hard work of team of Punjab Government standard of Lahore's Drug Testing Lab has been greatly improved, he added. CM said that those involved in supplying spurious drug are greatest enemy of humanity and Punjab Government had nip their evil in the bud by barring business of counterfeit drugs. The Chief Minister said that the elements involved in the illegal transplanting of kidneys and other organisms will be dealt with strict disciplinary actions. Tending to another question, he said that we will go to the Jalsas but will not lie or take U-Turn. We will neither impose baseless allegations nor will hinder voyage of development but we will approach public at the basis of our own performance. Provincial ministers Khawaja Salman Rafique, Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Khawaja Imran Nazir, Member National Assembly Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Chief Secretary, Chairman Planning and Development and high officials of Novartis Pharma were also present there.