Vulnerable Condition of Karachi Has Made Me Very Sad, CM Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pakistan Muslim League (N) President and Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif said that he is very sorry to see the vulnerable condition Karachi. He said that he went to Layari, Gulshan Ghazi and other places today, everywhere there was a pile of waste, broken roads, poor transport and dust. This is not the fate of the people of Karachi. The billions of rupees allocated for the development projects were looted ruthlessly by the rulers making people deprived of basic necessities of life. He was addressing workers at the Alfateh Ground in Karachi today. Shehbaz Sharif said that South Asia was emerging as the developed city of Karachi in the 1970s. then the city got evil eye and it got occupied by extortionists, murder and terrorism that has pushed it to darkness. He said assured that he will return the light and hope to this city if people will make him successful and further vowed that he will bring back the looted money as well. Moreover he added when he comes to Karachi, PPP is angry and when he visits Peshawar, PTI gets annoyed. “Why do you get angry with me as I just come here to show you your real face”, he added and shared further if Allah gave the opportunity to serve the people in the election, then KP and Sindh will also be developed like Punjab and will solve Karachi's problems. CM said that peace can’t be brought to Karachi unless there is clean water, the best facilities of transport and employment opportunities for youth. He said, "I testify to God that if Allah gives us a chance, then every house in Karachi will get water. There will be more than one metro. He said that Karachi was a very beautiful city in Pakistan in the 70s that has been destroyed. I am very sorry to see the issues of Karachi's people and I fear that if the same situation sustains than the condition of country will never change. He said the claimants of the change have made Peshawar vulnerable and those who were calling Lahore metro Bus as Jungla Bus have ruined this project in their own city. CM said that Bilawal Bhutto says “Marso Mraso Sindh naa Daiso..” but I take it as “Marso Marso Kam naa katso..”

He requested Prime Minister for uninterrupted electricity supply in Karachi during Ramadan. People of Karachi have seen the PPP for 20, 25 years. Both the PTI and the PPP have gathered together, never trust them. The Chief Minister said that there is a port in New York and so on there is also a port in Karachi. So if New York could become a wonderful city, why not Karachi? CM assured that if people accompanied them then we will fight till last breath to make Karachi a developed city.