Shehbaz Sharif Paid Surprise Visit To Sasta Ramadan Bazaar Of Johar Town

Sunday, June 11, 2017
Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has paid surprise visit to Ramadan Bazaar of Johar Town, Lahore without any prior notice or protocol. The Chief Minister experienced security checking process two times by scanner and walkthrough entryways like a common man when he landed outside the entryway of Ramadan Bazaar. He appreciated security personnel appointed for check. While talking at this moment, Shehbaz Sharif said that he is content with the best security courses of action which will ensure the lives and property of individuals. He additionally enquired visitors about the quality and prices of essential commodities. He visited different stalls including flour stalls. Individuals who came there for shopping communicated fulfillment over the quality and costs of wares and said that these Bazaar are truly modest as the prices are reasonable and quality is good. You are gathering the blessing of this month by serving people, they appreciated the Chief Minister. He reviewed the quality and prices of fruit, vegetables, flour, sugar and chicken. Chief Minister commended administration and concerned officers for excellent arrangements. He reviewed the prices of Ramadan Bazaar and enquired the consumers about their quality and prices. While talking at this moment, CM said that surprise visits expose the real issues of public as well as actual situation and my surprise visit was aimed to review the steps to provide relief to people during Ramadan. He said that the subsidy of 8 billion 78 million has been provided for provision of cheap flour and it is ensured that quality of essential commodities is not compromised. He said that qualities of fruits, vegetables and other commodities is better at Ramadan Bazaar of Johar Town and prices are appropriate as well, as people over here have conveyed satisfaction at it. Amid the visit, the Chief Minister mingled with people who were there for shopping, and talked to then frankly. He shook hands with them and took their views himself about the arrangements of Ramadan Bazaar. People in the market when saw the Chief Minister, yelled slogans of “Long Live Shehbaz Sharif” with excitement. The Chief Minister additionally passed on instructions for treatment of a few ladies over there at their demand.