Strategic Reforms Unit

Initiatives undertaken be Chief Minister's Strategic Reforms Unit

CM’s Strategic Reforms Unit works as a think tank for the Government of Punjab and operates as part of the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office. It has direct accountability to the Chief Minister and the citizens of the province of Punjab. The Director General SRU Mr. Salman Sufi heads the Unit alongside a dedicated team of young, motivated and passionate individuals. Since its inception in August, 2014, SRU (formerly the Special Monitoring Unit-Law & Order) has already introduced ground breaking reforms that are currently in implementation stage. The reforms include but are not limited to women empowerment, excise and taxation, transport, police, traffic police, libraries and the social welfare of citizens.

Women Centric Reforms

Spearheading the drafting and passage of the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act, passed in February 2016: This Act aims to strip injustice against women from the very fabric of our society by catering to all forms of violence against women including: sexual violence, domestic violence, psychological abuse, economic abuse, stalking and cybercrime.

  • Violence Against Women Centers (VAWCs) - Establishment of Violence Against Women Centers (VAWCs): VAWC will be theconverging point for all essential services to ensure justice delivery to victims of violence including police and prosecution services, medical examination, collection of forensic and other evidence, provision of psychological support and rehabilitative services. The first VAWC constructed at Multan, has been operational since 25th March, 2017. Drafting a chapter on Violence Against Women to be included in Pakistan Studies textbooks of classes 9-12
  • Women Protection Authority - Drafting and implementation of legislation on formation of a dedicated Women Protection Authority to manage the operations of VAWCs across Punjab; the legislation was passed on 24th May 2017
  • Women-on-Wheels - Conception and execution of Women-on-Wheels campaign for the provision of free motorcycle trainings to the women of Punjab followed by a rally on a pre-specified road in Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Multan and Rawalpindi. Implementation of Women-on-Wheels subsidized motorbikes scheme for graduates of the Women-on-Wheels program to be launched on the Women-on-Wheels Mega Rally scheduled to be held next year.
  • Street Theatre Campaign - Implementation of a Street Theatre Campaign in collaboration with UN Women to raise awareness regarding women empowerment and the challenges faced by women in the 16 days of gender activism 2016
  • Women Safety Smart Phone Application - Implementation of Women Safety Smart Phone Application in collaboration with Punjab Safe Cities Authority and the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women
Social Reforms
  • Shehr-e-Khamoshan - Establishment of Shehr-e-Khamoshan Model Graveyards in Lahore, Multan, Sargodha and Faisalabad with the provision of the following customized services: hearse service, coach service, toll-free helpline, mortuary, bathing facilities, janazgah and an interface between the cemetery registry and NADRA. Drafting and implementation of legislation on establishment of the Shehr-e-Khamoshan Authority to oversee the operations of Shehr-e-Khamoshan Model Graveyards in Punjab; the legislation was passed on 24th May 2017
  • Mobile & On-Ground (Container) Libraries - Conception of Mobile & On-Ground (Container) Libraries to address the declining reading culture in Punjab in the pilot districts of Lahore, Faisalabad and Sargodha
  • Protection of Senior Citizens - Drafting legislation pertaining for the protection of Senior Citizens in Punjab; currently in the process of being drafted
  • Rights of Transgender - Drafting legislation pertaining to the rights of Transgender; currently in the process of being drafted
  • Restaurant Grading System - Conception of Restaurant Grading System

Police Reforms

  • Local Eye Smart Phone Application - Introduction of Local Eye Smart Phone Application in collaboration with the Lahore Police to connect the Local Elected Representatives with Lahore Police Representatives for an improved law & order situation
  • Executive Security Branch - Establishment of Executive Security Branch in Punjab Police and Law-Enforcement Centers (LECs) to revamp the current policing culture to ensure justice delivery and strengthened prosecution at Police stations.
  • U-report website Establishment of U-report website to provide citizens with a powerful tool to report crimes by uploading videos, pictures and audio.
  • Automated Intrusion Elimination Protocol - Conceptualization of Automated Intrusion Elimination Protocol system for enhanced security at entry/exit points of high-profile buildings

Motor Vehicle & Transport Reforms

SRU has introduced comprehensive reforms to aid the National Action Plan for effective law enforcement:
  • Dealer Vehicle Registration System (D.V.R.S) -- Expansion of Dealer Vehicle Registration System, an initiative for the provision of point of sale registration system to all 36 districts of Punjab
  • Centralization & Modernization of Excise & Taxation -  Initiating the Centralization & Modernization of Excise & Taxation data in all 36 districts
  • Specialty/ custom plates - Conceptualization and execution of specialty/ custom plates in collaboration with the Excise Taxation & Narcotics Control Department which are currently in the process of being implemented.
  • ANPR-readable standardized license plates - Implementation of ANPR-readable standardized license plates for the entire province,currently under process of being executed
  • Province-wise Crackdown - Monitoring and overseeing enforcement of province-wise crackdown launched in November 2016 on unregistered vehicles and vehicles with fake/unauthorized number plates in collaboration with the Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department
  • Token Tax Stickers - Implementation of Token Tax Sticker to ensure payment of token tax by vehicle-owners launched in July, 2016
  • Universal Number Plates - Introduction of Universal Number Plates for province-centric number plates in the process of being implemented
  • Legislations pertaining to the following amendments made to the Punjab Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1965 have been passed:
  • Penalty on fabrication of number plates
  • Replacement of ownership of number plates from vehicle to the owner themselves
  • Re-registration of out-of-province number plates
  • Replacement of vehicle registration book with Automotive Registration Card (ARC)
  • Penalty on refusal to display authorized ET & NC number plates


  • Traffic Reforms -  Conceptualization of a single authority to handle all traffic and road-related functions which is in the process of being implemented. The Authority would include a Policy level structure to form policy guidelines of new project approval process for all road and traffic related interventions. The Implementation level structure would ensure the effective execution of these policies.
    Legislations pertaining to the following are in the process of being passed:
  • Camera integrated fining
  • Increase in motorcycle traffic fines
  • Percentage revenue for traffic personnel and equipment
  • Punjab Driving Education Centers (PDEC) - Conception of Punjab Driving Education Centers (PDEC) which will provide a consolidated center for the provision of services ranging from driving training, tests and license issuance facility.