Clean & Green Campaign

  1. Cleanliness campaign is continued in the Province which has been highly appreciated by the local communities. 409299 no. of heaps removed, 176141 no. of debris lifted and 560897 tons waste dumped. Piloting and Up-gradation of Sanitation in Model Union Councils: It is further added that 138 Urban Union Councils of 11 Municipal Corporations in the Province have been piloted in 20 days (5th Nov to 24th Nov, 2018). In this regard, awareness Seminars, Community mobilization and involvement, media campaign and documentation were ensured in these 11 big cities.
  2. In order to implement the vision of the Prime Minister, 12.12 million saplings have been planted. It is imperative to know that in plantation process, local communities, civil society organizations, academia and media have taken keen interest and also participated during the campaign.
  3. LG&CD Department has established Special Cell for Clean and Green Punjab. Android based application has been developed by Urban Unit for real time monitoring through dash board. IT based monitoring has also established by LG&CD Department. It is also worth mentioning that no additional funds were released to any local Govt. for this campaign and all the expenditures were met out of their existing resources.