Only Showoff Can Not Add the Medal Of Khadim-E-Alaa In One’s Credit: Sardar Usman Buzdar

June 09, 2019

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that fake medal of Khadim-e-Alaa can’t be embraced with just pretentious claims rather than that selfless service and issues of common man need to be realized for that. Former rulers have created the projects of show-off only which rather than facilitating common people have over-loaded national exchequer. In his statement, CM said that he neither is in favor of showoff nor fake works. Developments of previous governments were limited to ads alone and we are fixing the issues which were created due to their wrong policies. He said that public service is our aim and we will meet it at any cost. Under the leadership of PM Imran Khan, Pakistan is moving forward on the road of development and in such short span of time we have made such achievements which previous governments couldn’t have done in last 5 years. He vowed that we will reform this systems and issues in it. He further added that previous rulers have deceived South Punjab in the name of development but there was no physical progress but hollow claims only. He said that people of South Punjab have given full mandate to PTI government and our government is taking practical steps to uplift living standard of people over there. Separate development budget has been allocated for South Punjab and South Punjab Secretariat will be functional in next fiscal year where Additional Chief Secretary,  Additional IG and special sectaries of different departments will be deployed there. After that people of South Punjab won’t have to travel to Lahore for solving their issues. He said that we will provide all resources for provision of facilities to common man. He said that common man was ignored badly in previous governments as they were deceived in the name of bread and shelter. He said that after 70 years, government of PTI is striving hard o solve the issues of public as centre of attention of our policies is common man. We came in power with the agenda of public welfare and PTI government is vigilant to safeguard their rights. He said that we will fulfill our duty of public service as a religious duty.