June 24, 2020

A number of MPAs called on Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at his assembly chamber set up in a local hotel on Wednesday and discussed different issues.
Talking on this occasion, the CM maintained that the country is going through unusual circumstances due to coronavirus and asked the public representatives to utilise their energies for dealing with it. The Punjab government has made concerted efforts to overcome the spread of coronavirus and daily testing capacity of the province has also reached to 12 thousand, he added. He asked the public representatives to monitor the prices of essential items in their districts while remaining in constant contact with the administration. Similarly, they should also visit hospitals to monitor the medical facilities and encourage the doctors and paramedics engaged in serving the ailing humanity, he added. It is time to heal the wounds of the ailing humanity and I have also visited more than 20 districts to take stock of public problems, the CM said.
The CM regretted that opposition leaders only made tall claims and they are hiding in their houses while leaving the affected people alone in this difficult moment. The opposition parties have weakened the national unity through their negative politics on corona and did nothing except lip- service, he maintained. Those who are making hollow claims have not done anything practical for the eradication of coronavirus. It is easy to lecture but requires commitment and passion to heal the wounds of ailing humanity, he said. He said that one can make tall claims while sitting in the drawing-room but could not perform any practical step to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. The opposition, which has left the affectees alone in this hour of trial, is itself isolated. The 22 crore people know that the government has taken timely steps for dealing with coronavirus and collective decisions have been made in consultation with the stakeholders, the CM concluded.
Those who called on the CM included provincial ministers Raja Basharat, Hashim Jawan Bakht, Muhammad Ali Raza Khan Khaqwani, Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan Khitchi, Abdul Hai Dasti, Muhammad Hanif, Syed Rafaqat Ali Gillani, Khurram Sohail Khan Leghari, Sardar Farooq Amanullah Dareshk, Ch. Iftikhar Hussain, Abdul Rehman Khan, Adil Pervaiz, Umer Farooq, Sonia Ali Raza Shah and others. Chief Whip in Punjab Assembly Syed Abbas Ali Shah and secretary good governance committee Col (R) Ijaz Hussain Minhas were also present.