Panna Gah’s

The Punjab government has decided to establish shelter-homes in all districts of the province for the homeless people as per the vision of the Prime Minister. These shelter-homes would be constructed in all districts in phases so that the homeless people may not have to sleep under the open sky in harsh conditions. The state is fulfilling its responsibility of providing shelter and food to the needy people that were earlier forced to sleep on roads. It is a prime agenda of the Punjab government that necessary steps should be taken for the betterment and welfare of the masses and it is sanguine that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is following a policy of public welfare. Temporary arrangements were made initially whereas construction of 5 Pannah Gahs at following locations in Lahore with an estimated cost of Rs 153 million.

  • Railway Station
  • Data Darbar
  • Fruit Mandi Badami Bagh
  • Larri Adda Badami Bagh
  • Thokar Niaz Beg

During the course of time, Department with assistance of District Administration set up temporarily Shelter in Tent alongside with site to provide immediate shelter to shelter less people. The plan for establishment of Pannah Gah Development Authority on Public Private Partnership module by Government of Punjab has been proposed. Under this Authority Pannah Gah’s will be established in all District Headquarters and Major Hospitals of the Province. The plan for establishing Pannah Gah at Taunsa has been approved and the construction work is expected to begin soon.